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Old Tokaido Road Stone Road (Kanaya slope)

In the 17th century, the Tokugawa Government ordered the paving of roads to be carried out. The road between Kanaya and Makinohara was paved by many local laborers to make walking easier for travellers. In 1991, a stretch of the old road, about 430m in length, was restored under a campaign calling on ”each resident of the town to carry one stone.” In 2001, 611m of the road on the Kikugawa slope was again restored by many volunteers (both residents and non-residents of Kanaya town) under the campaign of ”reliving the legend of Kikuzaka laborers” Stones from the the 17th century, discovered in 2000, are preserved on one part of the road on the Kikugawa slope.

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Old Tokaido Road Stone Road (Kanaya slope)

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Shimada City



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If coming by the Tokai Shinkansen:

Kakegawa Station
(Route) For Kanaya Slope, JR Kanaya station--> Walk 5 min.

If driving (Tomei Expressway):

Sagara-Makinohara IC
(Route) 15 min.

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