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Futamata Castle Ruins

Built in 1503 by Futamata Masanaga, a retainer of the Imagawa family. As this place on the Tenryu River was strategically important, there were many battles between the Takeda and the Tokugawa armies here, and the water attack of Futamata Castle by the Takeda army is well known. The castle was eventually controlled by the Tokugawa army, and abandoned in 1590 when the master of the castle Okubo Tadayo moved to a fief in Odawara. Extant are the 4.5m-high stone base of the castle keep, and the stone walls and earthworks. The Tenryu River seen from the keep is a lovely sight.

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Futamata Castle Ruins

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Futamata Futamata-cho Tenryu-ku Hamamatsu City




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If coming by the Tokai Shinkansen:

Hamamatsu Station
(Route) Take the bus bound for Futamata/Yamahigashi from Nishi-Kajima Station, Enshu Railway and get off at the ”Tobayama Koen Iriguchi” bus stop.

If driving (Tomei Expressway):

Hamamatsu IC
(Route) 35 min by car

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