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Terms of Use

These terms of use stipulate matters necessary for using the photographic data recorded in the Photo Library of the Shizuoka Prefectural Tourism Association's website, "Shizuoka Guide."


The Shizuoka Prefectural Tourist Association (hereafter, the "Association") allows the photographic data recorded in the Photo Library to be used, free of charge, for purposes of conducting publicity activities aimed at introducing and advertising the tourism resources of Shizuoka Prefecture and promoting prefectural tourism. Individuals who wish to use photographic data (hereinafter, "Users" or "User," as the case may be) must first agree to these terms of use and then carry out the prescribed application procedure. Moreover, there are no restrictions on perusing the data.

(Possession of Rights)

The photographic data on this website is protected by the Copyright Act and other laws and ordinances, and the Association, and the third parties that have provided photos to it, possess the related copyrights and other rights or the authority to use the data. Moreover, use of the photographic data is permitted only on the terms stipulated herein, and the Association also has the right to revoke permission after it has been granted.

(Right to Use Photographic Data, etc.)

  • (1) The Association will grant a non-exclusive right to use photographic data to Users who record their purpose for using it and download it according to the terms stipulated herein.
  • (2) Users must handle photographic data with the conscientiousness of a good manager.

(Scope of Permission)

Users are permitted to use photographic data only for publicity activities aimed at promoting tourism in Shizuoka Prefecture. Moreover, they are prohibited from doing any of the following with it.

  • Manufacturing and selling products that are based on the photographic images themselves (e.g., picture postcards, calendars, digital data collections, etc.)
  • Opposing Shizuoka Prefecture's and the Association's tourism policies and their implementation
  • Pursuing religious purposes alone
  • Disturbing public order and morals
  • Doing anything linked to criminal activity
  • Infringing a copyright of a third party
  • Violating the property, privacy, etc., of a third party
  • Slandering or defaming a third party
  • Conducting pre-election campaigning, election campaigning, or something similar, or violating the Public Offices Election Act
  • Violating some other law


  • It is prohibited to use photographic data for any purpose other than that stated on the User's application.
  • It is prohibited to reproduce photographic data as is and then sell, distribute, rent or loan it; to use it for a rental business; or to rent or loan it to individuals or corporations who have not received permission to use it.
  • It is prohibited to turn individual photographs or comparable data into products and sell them, or use them for other commercial activities.
  • Users may alter an image to the minimum extent necessary to achieve the purpose of its use, but are prohibited from altering an image greatly, to the extent that its basic character would be impaired.

Allowed: Trimming that leaves at least 70% intact, superimposing writing that doesn’t cover up the image, etc.

Not allowed: Cutting out part of an image, changing the colors, enlarging an image to the extent that its basic character is impaired, etc.

(Attribution of Credit)


The Association asks Users to please attribute credit, whenever possible, for any photograph used by displaying the following. Photograph provided by: Shizuoka Prefectural Tourist Association

(Violation of Terms of Use)

Should any of the terms stated herein be violated, the Association may immediately suspend use of the Photo Library and refuse further use as well.


  • The Association shall bear no responsibility for any problems arising from using or downloading the images, etc., provided by this website.
  • When it is necessary to deal with rights – portrait rights, trademark rights, copyrights, patent rights, use rights, etc. – related to a person, object, place, etc., that is the subject of a photograph, the User shall be responsible for doing so.

The Association shall bear no responsibility for any dispute, etc., arising from any of these rights.

(Submittal of Productions)

Users are asked to please submit to the Association any productions created using photographic data. (Optional)

[Submit to:]

Shizuoka Prefecture Tourist Association (The organization in charge of Shizuoka Guide)
Mizunomori Bldg. 2F, 14-1 Minami-cho, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka City 422-8067
Phone: 054-202-5595,   Fax: 054-202-5597