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Experience sights only to be seen in Shizuoka!

Shizuoka is full of unforgettable sightseeing spots, for Japanese food you'll get to try only here, for history, culture, Mt. Fuji, and other natural attractions. Come to Shizuoka and see for yourself.

Japanese food as served only in Shizuoka.

Shizuoka's rich ocean resources and lush mountains make for a wide variety of Japanese food to enjoy, such as sushi and kaiseki cuisine using fresh local produce, and creative cookery that showcases the chef's skills. The special teas are not just for drinking - there's plenty of cuisine that uses them too. Discover the flavors of Japan in the delightful seasonal produce of Shizuoka.

Sakura shrimp, Whitebait

Caught from Japan's deepest bay: Suruga (approx. 2,500 m deep). Superb great tasting seafood straight out of the ocean.

Green tea

Shizuoka is Japan's No.1 green tea prefecture. There are tea plantations everywhere, each with their own aroma and taste, for your enjoyment.


"Fresh wasabi is notable not only for its spiciness, but its flavor. There are numerous places throughout Shizuoka where you can sample this flavor for yourself."

My Favorite Shizuoka!

Steven Pelcovits

United States of America


From my perspective, Shizuoka’s main distinguishing feature among Japan’s prefectures is its colorful array of different activities on hand. Visitors here can indulge themselves in nature, food, relaxation, shopping, history, and culture, often at the same time. Though we are perhaps best known for world-recognized properties, most notably Mount Fuji, the most memorable trip here will be one that passes through the small, quirky local attractions: a ride through rice fields on Thomas the Tank Engine, a treat of matcha gelato, and a visit to the Izu Peninsula to see capybara hot springs all promise to make for an interesting photo album!

As someone who travels with food in mind, my personal recommendation for Shizuoka Prefecture would have to be picking your own strawberries, mandarin oranges, or other fruits. For a true foodie adventure, go to different parts of the prefecture and discover each one’s unique dishes, like Fujieda Asara, a special type of ramen traditionally eaten before the sun even rises, or Fuji Tsuke Neapolitan, a splendid marriage of Italian and Japanese cuisine. With some sort of unusual delicacy wherever you go, the possibilities are endless!

Shizuoka's history and culture: always more to learn.

Shizuoka is full of spots of great historical importance: ruins which tell of Japan's ancient past, sites of old residences of feudal warriors, stations on the Edo period Tokaido highway, Shimoda, where Japan ended its years of isolation, and more. Don't miss its World Heritage sites and National Treasures. Shizuoka offers a taste of history and culture that will keep you wanting more.


From the shrine dedicated to Ieyasu Tokugawa, to numerous other historical shrines across the prefecture.


Tour some of Shizuoka's historical temples and bask in their atmosphere of peace and quiet.

Old Tokaido Highway

Shizuoka Prefecture has 22 of the stations on the Old Tokaido Highway, whose remains can still be seen.

Art galleries and museums

Get a view of the new face of Shizuoka through its distinctive museums and art galleries.

Traditional Handicrafts

Experience Shizuoka's traditions and culture in the form of arts and crafts.

Historic Site

Everywhere are place names that reflect a long history, from ancient times to the Warring States period, to the opening of Japan to the world.

Mt. Fuji and other Shizuoka natural spots to enjoy

Mt. Fuji symbolizes Japan, and Shizuoka. In fact you can't mention Shizuoka without mentioning Mt. Fuji, which along with the prefecture's many other natural attractions are there for the visitor's enjoyment.


Shizuoka's mountains, starting with the Southern Alps, are a stunning presence in the prefecture's natural heritage.


From the east is an expanse of beatutiful ocean scenery, from Sagami Bay, to Suruga Bay, to Enshunada


Shizuoka's warmth means rich seasonal beauty all year round as various flowers bloom.


Various lakes are here to enjoy, including those with a view of Mt. Fuji, lakes on the highlands, and the popular Lake Hamana.

Izu Peninsula Geopark

Izu Peninsula was created by volcanic activity, and has a unique natural environment to be explored.


Starting with Izu, Shizuoka prefecture is an Onsen treasure trove. Enjoy doing the Onsen rounds, from mountain Onsen to those by the sea.