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Mt. Fuji is a famous mountain that has the highest peak in Japan. It has generated a variety of faiths and works of art, and was registered as a World Cultural Heritage Site in 2013. It is surrounded by a beautiful natural environment, and there are many famous locations nearby where visitors can feel a close connection with the mountain. How about enjoying the charm of Mt. Fuji by experiencing the beautiful scenery, rich natural environment and culture, and various recreational activities here?

Cultural assets of the Mt. Fuji World Cultural Heritage Site

The following is an introduction of some of the cultural assets and elements such as shrines and mountain trails that reflect the value of Mt. Fuji as a World Cultural Heritage Site.

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Mt. Fuji viewpoints

Here’s where to gaze upon Mt. Fuji! The following is introduction of locations in Shizuoka Prefecture that offer magnificent views of Mt. Fuji. Visitors can enjoy Mt. Fuji’s various “facial expressions,” which differ depending on the place, season, and time of day.

Routes around Mt. Fuji offering many hidden attractions!

Walking routes around the middle of Mt. Fuji that visitors can enjoy without having to set a course for the summit.

Nishiusuzuka forest picnic course

This is a course at the midsection of Mt. Fuji where it is possible to enjoy the mountain’s natural environment in a relaxed manner. This course features an expansive deciduous forest, and is recommended to families and visitors accompanied by children.

Downward trek from Fujinomiya-guchi to Gotemba-guchi

This course consists of an approximately 1,000-meter descent from Fujinomiya-guchi to Gotemba-guchi. Visitors can witness dynamic natural scenery including Hoei Crater and a volcanic desert.

Suyama-guchi snow hiking

This hiking course starts at Mizugatsuka Park and provides a walk through the snow. Visitors can enjoy beautiful snow scenery that is unique to Mt. Fuji in the wintertime.

Please read this before enjoying these courses.

The following is an introduction of rules and etiquette for mountain walks that visitors should learn in order to safely enjoy hillside strolls at Mt. Fuji.


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Tips to enjoying your hike on the side of Mt. Fuji

Learn more about Mt. Fuji

This is an introduction of more information for the enjoyment of Mt. Fuji, Japan’s number one mountain.