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Nature & Scenic Spots

Soak yourself in seasonal beauty and riches of nature.

The ocean, mountains, highlands, rivers, and lakes. Natures in Shizuoka show its beauty depending on seasons. The ocean and Mt. Fuji, green-tea fields and Mt. Fuji, sunset over the sea, and SL train running into the valley, all of which are considered as distinctive characteristics of Shizuoka. Early blooming Kawazu sakura cherry blossom, Izu Peninsula, the Geo Park, to feel the life of the earth, and a lot more to visit and see in Shizuoka !

Mountain, Pass, Highland

There's more than just Mt. Fuji! Refresh yourself in mountain passes amid magnificent scenery and in the pure, clear air of highland plains. Enjoy easy walking and hiking trails.

Lake, Pond, Marsh

Shizuoka prefecture is blessed with abundant water, for enjoyable aquatic scenery that changes with the seasons.


Feel the mystic power of mighty nature in caves created with the eruption of Mt. Fuji, on land and above the ocean, and the biggest limestone caverns in Tokai area.

Izu Peninsula Geopark

Enjoy the distinctive natural environment of the Izu Peninsula, from land to ocean.

Recommended natural spots

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