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Eastern Area (Izu)

A treasure resort for your travel blessed by comfortable climate and high-quality onsen

Izu Peninsula, as symbolized in Atami, Ito and Shimoda, is known as one of the best onsen resorts with varieties of activities, not to mention riches of mountains and seafood. The East side is for onsens and arts, The Middle as a site of great literatures, and the West for refreshing fishing ports and exclusive sunset.

Sports & Recreation

Enjoy to the full everything from zoos to leisure spots with a resort feel.

History & Culture

Find out about historical streets and structures, and one-of-a-kind museums and art galleries.

Nature & Scenic Spots

A treasure trove of scenic beauty, with the lush natural richness of the Izu Peninsula Geopark.


Enjoy nature's bounty at the famous Onsen of Izu, one of Japan's best-known natural spa areas.

Recommended in Izu

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