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Izusan Shrine

Originally, it was called “Hashiriyu Gongen” the god of running hot water, or “Izusan Gongen” established in the time of Emperor Kosho ( B.C.393 – 475 ). This is the shrine where Minamoto-no Yoritomo, the first Shogun of Kamakura Period, was hiding temporarily when pursued by Ito Sukechika and also the place where Yoritomo secretly met Masako who became his wife afterwards. After he ascended to the shogun of Kamakura, the shrine was revered much by him and other successive shoguns in Kamakura Period and flourished until it was worshiped as a headquarters of shrines in Kanto area. The present main shrine was built in the early time of Showa due to a series of fires and now known as a god of prevention or extinction of fire, life extending and longevity, and dating and marriage. They say that if you keep the Nageia leaves beside the main shrine always with you, your love will come true. The forest in the shrine is called “Kogoi no Mori”, well known for little cuckoos that are often used as a special word in Japanese poem “Waka” expressing the season.

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Izusan Shrine

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708-1 Izusan, Atami City

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If coming by the Tokai Shinkansen:

Atami Station
(Route) 12 minutes by bus from Atami Station

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